Tours & Tales

of Throckmorton Theatre

We know what magic and wonder can do to lift our spirits. And spending time in the artistic realm of our fanciful Theatre, remembering times past while imagining new possibilities, we were inspired to create a remedy for the darkness that has enveloped the world this past year. We invite you to 'TOURS AND TALES OF THE THROCKMORTON THEATRE' - an immersive journey designed to excite your imagination and fill your heart with joy!


In guided groups of 8, your 1 hour tour will cover 12 staged rooms, including:


Revisit the history of the building during its silent movie days, and take a photo with out vintage-inspired man-in-the-moon arcade;


Listen to memories of special encounters; view poster bills of incredible shows that have graced the stage and photography of iconic musicians and comedians;


Step into the underwater world of the musical, The Little Mermaid, minutes before the curtain is about to rise;


Discover rooms where the artistry behind the magic is created, and visit the original silent movie theatre projection room (now housing props);


Steve Coleman's imagination takes you on a journey through his newly created sets;


Enjoy an exhibition of inspired expression from a dozen artists;


An audio performance awaits you on the main stage, reuniting you with the excitement of the shared experience of "live" theatre.

Tour Creators: Mary Dilts and Bruce Tremayne

Master Designer: Steve Coleman

Supporting Artists: Barb Nimmons, Janice Tatarski, Maureen McRae, Mary Dilts, Bruce Tremayne, Jean-Paul LaRosee, Megan Maurer, Adam Rechner, Patrick Fitzgerald, Jimmy Labioda


Special thanks for all their contributions to: Megan Acio at, Lightswitch SF, Polarity Post Production and Sweet Riley Dog

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