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Richard Howell

Richard Howell and Sudden Changes

Saturday February 26, 2022

(doors at 7:30pm)

RICHARD HOWELL-tenor saxophone+vocal
with MILES QUALE-violin

Acclaimed musician, composer, saxophonist and educator, Richard Howell is rooted in the spirit of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme while combining the contradiction of James Browns’ simplistic yet complicated African inspired rhythmic concepts and the deep soulfulness of the Isley Brothers. Richard and his stunning band will bring new “Bridge” music* and a few favorites to the Throckmorton Theater

Howell has performed and recorded with numerous pop, soul and jazz music icons such as Etta James, Chaka Khan and Maurice White and the new voices of jazz, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. He has toured the globe from America to Africa including the Zellerbach Hall and the Royal Albert Hall and he lectures Jazz History with JazzTree Education internationally, he is an intricate part of Oaktown Jazz Workshops the longest running after-school “jazz” program in the Bay area. Richard also leads an extremely innovative “Jazz “ ensembles Richard Howell and Sudden Changes.

MORE INFO : www.richardhowellandsuddenchanges.com

Richard Howell will be joined by his long time friend and pianist extraordinaire ,an exceptionally skilled, highly spirited and phenomenally talented Frederick Harris who is always blasting barriers and beyond . The hard working seasoned young gifted drummer Elé Salif Howell will be present in-between his Ravi Coltrane and Christian Scott gigs. Bringing stability with expressive delight is the well-rounded bassist Ravi Abcarian who is the director of Oaktown jazz workshops. The always impressive ,explosive and imaginative young trombonist Jasim Perales is about to finish his last year at Juilliard School of Music NYC, toping off the frontline with the amazing 17 year old talent of Miles Quale violin virtuoso who often tours with his family’s band internationally.

Bandleader Howell strategically gathered his multi-generational ensemble with a common goal to lift spirits, touch souls , enrich the community and just create the atmosphere of good clean

stress free honest fun!

*“Bridge”music creates a pathway, a sonic means of connection linking the divided.