Tuesday May 3rd, 5:30-7:30pm

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Part of 1st Tuesday artwalk.


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May 2022
Lobby Exhibit:
Sherry Petrini

EXHIBIT: Patterns and Beyond

2105_Kinda Plaid_60x48_Oil_2020.jpeg

Oil Painting


May 2022
Crescendo Exhibit:

Toni Lobsenz

EXHIBIT: White Trash

*Exhibit ends 5/19

white trash for media copy.jpg

Archival pigment print on fine art smooth paper


Toni began as a photographer to record what caught her eye and provoked her mind during global travels for work and pleasure. Photography became an obsession at the beginning of the pandemic, with the time to experiment, examine, compose, and shoot. Her years as a professional textile designer, for fashion and home furnishings, informs her eye for pattern, texture, color, composition, the shades, tones, and contrasts of black and white. She is always curious and approaches photography with a playful eye. She looks for the unusual, the whimsical, and the beautiful.
The exhibit "Edifice + Artifact" is the combination of what she is most attracted to- the relationship of street art, decaying and aging structures, vintage in any form. It is a study of her fascination with the objects people collect and how they express an identity in the way they decorate their vehicles, public buildings, alleys, their homes, and themselves. She often visits flea markets to observe and photograph.
Toni is a lifetime artist, painter, and maker. She has had a long career as a professional textile designer, a floral stylist, and an adjunct professor in design subjects at art colleges. Her artworks, both 2D and 3D, have been shown in a number of exhibitions, both locally and in Southern California.
She lives and works in Marin County, California, a transplant from San Francisco, motivated by her love of Mid Century Modern homes. She lives in an Eichler home built in 1961. Toni continues to pursue and evolve her photography.