We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to rescheduling Kimrea's CD release party soon!



Kimrea - guitar, vocals

Joe Lococo - guitar, vocals

Marc Levine - bass, vocals

Gerry Kennet - drums, vocals, whistling

Jim Reitzel - guitar, bass, what-ever he wants to do

Justus Dobrin - keyboards

Jackson Allen - guitar, vocals

Tahkus Allen - vocals

Celebrating the release of her 9th album of original songs, recorded over the past 2 years during the pandemic isolation, Kimrea returns to the Throckmorton Stage bringing with her the phenomenal group of genius musicians who collaborated in the manifestation of “invisible”.


Says Kimrea “It’s a celebration equally of the resilient power of community and the creative spirit along with the technology that gives us the ability to adapt and stays connected, to be able to work together while apart.”


“While some of the album work was done in the recording studio, most of the album was recorded remotely, due to the pandemic.  I had songs already written that I loved and wanted to record and was writing more songs during the shutdown.  I’d record demo arrangements of my songs in my bedroom “studio” and send them to my longtime friend and wonderful Producer, Jim Reitzel.   He would send the tracks to various genius, empathetic and highly skilled musicians who would then add their parts in their home studios which they would send back to Jim. Then he would mix it all together, and when we were satisfied with the music, then I would sing my final vocals and then send out again to add the background vocals.”


It was really quite amazing, and I am super proud of this album “invisible”.  It sounds fantastic and all the songs are blessed to perfection by the musicians who were co-creators in this adventure.  I am over the moon excited to bring them all together for this celebration concert. It’s going to be such a delight”


About Kimrea:  Kimrea is a lifelong Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Poet, and Creative.  She has been prolifically writing timeless songs since she was 13 years old and has been performing, singing and playing guitar for over 50 years.