Gallery I

by Suki Hill
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

About Suki Hill

Suki Hill is a professional photographer who has lived in the town of Mill Valley, California for nearly fifty years.  Suki has photographed subjects ranging from the streets of Paris to portraits of rock stars, authors, painters, musicians, and the rich and famous, but her favorite subjects will always be the people of her community – their celebrations, events, gatherings, work – in short, their lives.
Suki’s current exhibit, Minding Our Own Business, pays tribute to the hard-working business owners who have been the mainstay of Mill Valley.  Many of those featured have owned their business for decades, working at their establishments and greeting you as you walk through their door. Suki is devoted to her community and through this exhibit connects and celebrates these people of Mill Valley through her photography.
Minding Our Own Business is a continuation of her tribute to the people who are the underlying support of Mill Valley.  In 2012 the exhibit Mill Valley at Work, commissioned by the 142 Throckmorton Theatre and displayed on the outdoor wall of the Theatre, paid tribute to the individuals who work in Mill Valley in the early morning hours.   Additionally, Suki’s archival and personal exhibit “A photoghrapher’s Intimate View of Mill Valley, California 1900 – 2001” was on display in the city’s library for ten years.  In 2007 Suki was honored with a Milley award and she is the author of the acclaimed Mill Valley Then and Now.
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