Gallery I

by Margot Koch, Artist
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

by all means 24"x18"  charcoal on paper
A Particle is 30"x30" oil on canvas

Artist Statement     by all means (2013),  A Zen Cautionary Tale, written by author and Zen teacher Edward Espe Brown, is the first book I’ve illustrated entirely in charcoal. The subjects– primarily stuffed animals– were uncommonly cooperative (the cat a little less so) and rendering soft critters in stark black and white was a delicious exercise.

Salvation is a screenplay written by Hampton Fancher, author of the 1982 movie Blade Runner. Hampton recently became interested in using my paintings as illustrations for a book-version of Salvation. Some of the paintings in this exhibit are part of that work in progress. Some may serve as backgrounds to digitally manipulated illustrations, others as illustrations in themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed shifting from a story about the enlightenment of a stuffed piggy to a science fiction tale set on Titan.

Biographical Summary
Born in Hollywood, California, I am now a longtime Marin County resident.
My Northern California art studies have included oil painting with Chester Arnold at COM, drawing with Michael Markowitz in SF and calligraphy classes with Kaz Tanahashii. But the large part of my art education has been practical and self-supporting: learning to fabricate window displays, props, sets, faux finish furniture, illustrate walls, ceilings, floors and eventually books. Many years of working as a teacher and mentor to disabled artists has greatly informed my work. I now teach art part-time at Marin Primary School in Larkspur and paint in my Fairfax studio.
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