Gallery I

by Everett Griffin
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

My relationship with oxidation began at birth.
These images are the culmination of more than 50 years of chemical reaction,
condensed into less than a year. All of these pieces are Acrylic on Steel and photographs of the process.
As I was working with these panels I became transfixed by the changes over short periods of time, hence the addition of photography.
I am sure we all share the conundrum of whether to fix an image as a static memory or to let nature
take its course and let the moment stretch towards infinity. Who am I to slow the onset of time?
What it it in us that wishes to capture that sunset, that child retuning love with a smile, that moon reflected in the water?
At the same time knowing the futility of such. Nature is so beautiful, and you, a mere man are trying to imitate it?
What is it in us? This desire to reproduce the magnificence of the world around us?
Is it intrinsic; that without such, our humanity would be impoverished.
Were I to not stop the journey of the air to its destination, rust would not be able to sleep.
The beauty of natural processes are sublime and mundane simultaneously. As we are.
Pareiodolia is the word for our mind's propensity to look for, and see recognizable images; such as the man in the moon,
or view animals in the clouds.
Have fun, let your imagination do it's thing.

Gallery II

by Greenwood School Students
April 1st through April 30th
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

Studying the Italian Renaissance, eighteen 7th grade students from the
Greenwood School had the good fortune to work with fine artist and
parent, Roberto Varriale to create their own authentic fresco.
Students chose a subject matter or detail from a Renaissance painting
and were guided through the fresco making process, an artistic
technique that is rapidly disappearing today. A skilled craftsman in
the old traditions, Roberto empowered the students to learn by doing
and to push beyond any personal limitations. The result is a stunning
series of eighteen unique works.
Greenwood School is a Waldorf-inspired school that embraces best
contemporary educational practice.  We offer a rich experiential and
academic curriculum from early childhood through eighth.  Our
innovative program cultivates imagination, love of nature, and spirit
of inquiry.  We are located at 17 Buena Vista in the heart of downtown
Mill Valley.
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