Gallery I

by Arina Sue Isaacson, Artist
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

All curious lovers of art are warmly invited……
ARTIST STATEMENT  Once upon a time I was an awe-inspired child at my father’s art table. The university chapter revealed a homecoming queen, speech therapist, and radical feminist. Later I found myself on a pair of stilts wearing a red clown nose. Recently I turned the page – much to my own surprise I found that the clown had transformed into a globe-travelling business coach -- married to a woman – and crafting two and three –dimensional artworks interconnected with the story of a lifetime.

The artist’s path has been a constant in my life, opening a doorway for discovery. Throughout my journey varied healing aspects of art, ritual and theater have been present.  I can see that the mysterious process of making and performing has helped me cultivate wholeness, creativity and wake up to life – and help others to revitalize theirs.

As a child, I sat beside my father as he sculpted shadow boxes of balsa wood. He built street scenes of the frontier west complete with café, post office, feed store, and details like horse hitches. A strong memory was his painted depiction of a woman’s face from a classic saloon in Central City, Colorado. As I sculpted next to him I endeavored to make forms and figures like his. My father inspired and encouraged me to experiment with characters, materials, color and techniques, defining my own artwork.

The puppets, paintings, and shadow boxes that comprise Ring of Fire recollect both memories and envisioning the future.  Here I present my story for you to discover the intersection of life and art. All curious lovers of art are warmly welcome.

Biographical Summary

Arina is an award winning internationally recognized improvisational actress; clown; master puppeteer and storyteller. She founded and was the longtime artistic director and master teacher of the San Francisco School of Clown and Improvisational Theater. Arina is a painter, vision board collage artist, sculptor and creativity coach.
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