Gallery I

by Barry Toronto
Gallery hours: 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat

STATEMENT  Like dreamscapes, these photographs look inside and outside at the same time.  Directly capturing reflections from windows, they were not created by layering images with photoshop or multiple exposures. Looking through glass is always surprising. Changing the camera angle changes the reflections; shadows change the way objects show or do not show. Inanimate objects in a window can seem to have personality, as photographs are inanimate and yet arouse feeling. These images sometimes layer and sometimes merge. They evoke our double life: who we are inside and what we become outside.

Artist Bio  Photography intrigued me as a teenager. I attended my first workshop in 1973 at The Naples Mills School of Arts and Crafts near Ithaca, New York. My college career yielded a BA in photography from Goddard College in 1978 and included a semester at the San Francisco Art Institute. Over the next 40 years, I continued exploring a variety of subjects and techniques, resulting in a series of thematic works.  In 1998, I started the “Bodyscapes” series, which remains an ongoing project, along with "Reflections", which I started around 2005. My goal is to capture and express images that both embrace and reach beyond the here and now. Photography is an alchemical process ­– the subject is the raw material, the gold is an image that expresses universal truth beyond that subject, one that makes us think and remember, and most significantly, see the world in a new and different light.
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