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Steele, O'Brien and Bolt

Some Sketch; Some Standup; ALL FUNNY


$20 General Admission
$25 General Day of Show
$35 Reserved Seating

*SIC OCCASIO BABAE - "therefore an occasion to laugh..."....we came, we saw, we laughed
Three comedic genius minds come together on the Ides of March (plus some vagrants, scofflaws and dreamers)
Steele, Johnny - whose professional past includes; Thousands of hours on television he is a Berkeley based humorist, writer,broadcaster,and actor.  He is a winner of various big-deal comedy competitions, has written for Academy and Emmy Award wining comedians and entertainers, is a former host of his own daily San Francisco radio and TV shows, and is featured in the upcoming documentary 3 Still Standing. He is currently working out a solo show about his journey to find peace in a WalMart America gone mad with mindless violence, endless sprawl, and bone-jarring stupidity. 
O'Brien, Michael- Whose professional past includes; Thousands of radio and television commercials.  He was an original member of the National Theater of the Deranged. He is 1/2 of the infamous Karl and Carl, "Tips on Travel" heard regularly on NPR's West Coast Live  He holds the first accredted masters degree ever issued in comedy by any university in any country in the world. He has won every award offered.
Bolt, Geoff - Whose professional past includes;  Thousands of radio and TV commercials Thousands of hours on stage and in film, as an actor and comedian. Thousands of hours at Peets Coffee finishing not one script for the stage, television, film, radio, and or the internet. Awards?  You betcha!  First Place SF Urban Fair Monologist SF Critics Gold Circle, Cannes Palme d'Or. British design, Clio, Best of the West, The One Show, Best of the Fringe, Yada Yada.