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Cafe Coppelia

An original theatre piece by Theatre Lunatico


Open to the public
donations gladly accepted

Café Coppelia. Who are the mysterious figures behind the window sitting so mesmerizingly still? But now look! Did you see them move?  So busy and alone... they did not come to this café to find love. They’re drinking their coffee, working on their laptops and answering calls. They have important emails to send. Do not bother them. Leave them alone. They did not come to this café searching for love. But… Trapped in a groundhog day reality of forever yearning, forever lonely, forever fearful, forever busy, “Do not bother me”, they say, “leave me alone (come here, kiss me, fill this void, wipe away my tears…)”.  Café Coppelia is an original dance theatre production by Theatre Lunatico.  Walk by the store, peer into the window, and watch the drama unfold…
Melanie Bandera-Hess
Sharron Drake
Molly Noble
Eillen Puppo
Mary Ann Rogers
Tina Taylor

Theatre Lunatico has been producing innovative ensemble theatre since 2004. Lunatico combine theatre, dance, improvisation, movement and song to produce highly entertaining and artistically experimental theatre. In January 2013, Theatre Lunatico began a new residency at 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, California.

"Cafe Coppelia", An original dance theatre production at 142 Throckmorton Theatre, March 2013