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Victoria George
Opening by
Magnolia Keys (members of Tiny Television and Honey Dust)

8:00 pm

$20 General Admission
$23 General Day of Show $30 Reserved Seating

Victoria George is hard to pin down. Is she country? Rock? Is this a Nashville singer or a California girl? Truth is, Victoria George is all those things. But she’s also a whole lot more.
Victoria’s back in the Bay Area after a three-year stint in Nashville and you can hear the spirit of both places in her newest collection of songs, Lately I. The five tracks on this new EP showcase a singer who’s not afraid to walk the line between country, rock and pop. Try to break down the sound and you might hear a little Allison Krauss, a bit of Bonnie Raitt, a dose of Dixie Chicks. But Victoria transcends every genre she embraces. Her songs are about journeys and dreams, love and pain. And shot through every chorus is a hope, a yearning, that’s matched only by the soaring clarity of Victoria’s voice. The tunes on Lately I feel both effortless and meticulously crafted. They sound intimate and yet they hit you with the sheer size of their ambition. It’s no surprise KFOG picked up the EP’s lead track, Forever, for their Local Scene 8 compilation.
There’s something so timeless about Victoria George. Not just her voice or her songs. Not just the way she looks or the way she holds a crowd. There’s something timeless about what she’s doing and the way that she’s doing it. She’s tireless. Fearless. Dedicated to her craft. And she’s been that way since she picked up a guitar in Charlottesville, Virginia and taught herself how to play.