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Mort Sahl
Premiere Political Satirist

08:00 pm

$20 General Admission
$18 Students/Seniors

Who is Mort Sahl, and what is his role in relation to the collective gestalt of America? The true fact is that Mort is considered, by the greatest comedians and satirists of our time, to be the progenitor of modern comedy. He took prosaic comedy in America, much of which came from the Shtetls and villages of Eastern Europe and Russia, and created something new under the sun. Perhaps the only two Americans who could compare to Mort's Political/Social satire would be Mark Twain and Will Rogers; August Company indeed. You can read about Mort and the American Masters show which PBS aired, on Google. Mort is the first comedian to win a Grammy, and the first to grace the cover of Time Magazine. 

Mort was really rolling during the Sixties. Then, Jack Kennedy was assassinated. Jim Garrison,the New Orleans DA, found the assassination to be an inside job, and, in one of the bravest acts in recent American History, sued Clay Shaw and the CIA, and got as far as a jury trial. Many people do not know that Mort worked with Garrison as an unpaid investigator on the case. Mort was a smart man, politically and socially, involved in a very heavy, publicized case. The government planted agents inside Garrisons staff, spirited witnesses out of the state, tapped phones, and put forth a lot of effort for a case that they and their stooges in the press ridiculed. 

Many among us, including educated Liberals, know that we killed Torrijos in Panama, Lumumba in Africa, Mossadeq in Iran, pushed Aristide out of Haiti. We supported the murderous Sadaam Hussein in the eighties and early nineties, knowing what and who he was. Rumsfeld even sold him the nerve gas he used on the Iranians and the Kurds. Thanks to Youtube, we have Dick Cheney stating, famously, in 1994, what a tactical mistake it would be to invade Iraq. More recently, we invaded Panama, and kidnapped the Sovereign leader of a neighboring country. Why? Because he was getting ready to spill the beans on the Bush family, Iran Contra, and cocaine trafficking. Knowing this to be true, why is it so difficult to believe that these same fascist forces of darkness would kill President Kennedy. He said "I intend to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces."

The character in Network (written  by Paddy Chayefsky) was written based upon Paddy's  take on Mort.   That was Paddy's liberal filter of what Mort represented. Even though he wrote the character as crazed, Paddy realized the burning passion, and the truth of what the character was trying to say.

The industrious amongst you might want to Google "Operation Mockingbird". That program is not dead, it has simply morphed and grown larger, and so more of the media is co-opted than ever. 

What did Mort do next? He resumed his act, and told everyone that the Warren Commission was a crock, a group of honorable men issuing a dishonarable report. And for that, his career disappeared, overnight. Kafka was born to describe such an event. In the land of the free, and the home of the brave, Mort was silenced, and villified. The liberals went after Mort more so than did the conservatives. They turned their back on JFK, and on Mort Sahl, because, in their hearts, they knew Mort was right, and, since they could not face their own fear at the overthrow of their country by the Military Industrial Complex, they threw brickbats at Mort. The echoes of that action reverberate through this day.